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What’s new in Windows 11 December 2020 Update?

The user interface evolves: new visual effects, a bright theme, new emojis and more

Windows 11 Dec 2020 Update uses the acrylic visual effect that is part of Microsoft Fluent Design and on the background of the login screen to Windows 11. When you enter your user account details, the background image is covered by a translucent texture that looks great and you it also helps to focus on the login details.

In the past, Windows 11 users have asked Microsoft to create a dark theme, and the company has offered it to them. This time, users asked for a bright theme, and Microsoft offered it as well. In the Dec 2020 update, you can use a Bright Theme that is the opposite of the Dark Theme: light colors everywhere in the Windows 11 interface. This new bright mode is enabled by default in Windows 11 Home, and Windows 12 while the Pro and Enterprise editions continue to use dark mode as standard.

Windows 11

If you like colored mouse pointers and like to customize every aspect, no matter how small, of the user interface, you should know that now you can select a custom color for the cursor indicator. Microsoft considers this a feature in the “access simplification” category, but anyone can enjoy it.

The clipboard (press Windows + V keys to see it) has been recreated to show better snippets of text that you can understand more easily. The Print dialog displayed by universal applications in the Microsoft Store has also been redesigned so that it can display even the long names of printers, as well as look better overall. Also, you should know that Dec 2020 Update adds new emojis that you can use in all kinds of applications. Press Windows +. Or Windows +; to see all available emojis.

Windows Defender Antivirus receives a tamper protection feature

Windows Defender Antivirus gets an option called Alter Protection, designed to let you know if an application or user is trying to change important security settings, and a page called Protection History where you can get an overview of all security events that have held on your Windows 11 device.

Task Manager: Choose the default page and it can tell you which DPI-aware applications are

The task manager receives two interesting changes. One of them is the option to see which applications in the system are aware of DPI, which is essential in an era of touch screens and high resolutions. It can help you identify which applications are not designed to scale well on any screen.

The other change is the option to choose the default page when the Task Manager opens.

2.Concentration support gets better in Windows 11 Dec 2020 Update

Facility Support for concentration includes a new automatic rule: when you run an application in full screen, you cannot be bothered than alarm.

Users get more control over how updates are installed

Windows 11 is famous for its unfriendly approach to system updates. Users of Home editions of Windows 11 had little or no control over when and how updates were installed on their computers. Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to have changed its mind: starting with the Dec 2020 Update, we can choose when we want to install the latest major version of the operating system. We will continue to receive notifications about feature updates. But now you don’t have to update immediately. Even if you’re using Windows 11 Home, you can still pause updates for up to 35 days, something you couldn’t do in older versions.

3.It’s easier to troubleshoot Windows 11 issues

Windows 11 with Dec 2020 Update comes with some new changes related to how automatic debugging works. The operating system can now automatically fix some critical issues when it detects them. The Troubleshooting page in the Windows 11 Settings app also shows you a number of recommendations for troubleshooting experts that you should run.

4.Storage management is better than before

The Storage page in the Settings application has also been redesigned. Now, the first thing you see is the system drive and a number of data categories sorted by their storage consumption. Additional units that you may have installed are also available, but no longer appear on the front page.

Starting with Dec 2020 Update, Windows 11 reserves some of the storage space on your PC so that you can use it to update your operating system. Thus, when new updates appear for your system, your PC always has enough space to download and install them.

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