SuperFetch Windows 10 How to use?

Have you ever heard of the feature that Windows 10 implements called SuperFetch? If you want to know what SuperFetch Windows 10 is and what functions it performs, we invite you to read this article. If you have ever stopped to think about the minimum requirements we need to install Windows 10, you will have noticed that even Windows Vista asked for the same or more. Furthermore, these requirements have been frozen since the Windows 7 era. As is normal with each new version of an application or operating system, they increasingly need more resources to perform more complex or faster functions. However, Microsoft has kept these requirements at the same level as Windows 7 and precisely the SuperFetch function is largely to blame.

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What is the SuperFetch function Windows 10

SuperFetch is one of the many services that Windows 10 runs in the background, without us noticing. This function was introduced by Microsoft in its Windows Vista operating system and has continued to be implemented in different editions to this day. Although it goes without saying that it has been refined and updated until achieving excellent results in the performance of this latest operating system.

What SuperFetch Windows 10 does is track and analyze how we use our PC . Said in a more technical way, it is a function or service that is responsible for analyzing the use patterns of the system in terms of RAM and Hard Disk usage.

SuperFetch “learns” which applications we use the most on our team and creates a list of them so that they are ready before we even use them . In this way Windows takes the applications from this list and preloads the RAM as long as there is space available in it. When you want to access the application, Windows will have it loaded before and it will start immediately.

Normally our computers have a significant amount of RAM and this is empty. SuperFetch takes advantage of it to preload applications in it in case it is free. If this RAM is not needed by the equipment for other things, it will be downloaded and will have its utility in the normal way.

Is SuperFetch going to slow my computer down?

We may ask ourselves, this will possibly slow down the computer because it consumes more resources. The truth is that no, except in certain cases . This service will only load the RAM that is free, it will not saturate the space that the system is using for the other processes.

But there are also cases in which it does have a negative effect on our computer. In addition to using RAM, it will also consume CPU and hard disk . If we have a system installed on a mechanical hard disk and with a CPU that is not too fast, this service could sometimes cause slow performance of our PC. The same occurs with RAM memory below 4 GB, the preload of applications at specific moments of maximum load, such as the use of games or very heavy applications could give some lag in space management.

Another case similar to this is the use of RAM by Android. If we trust mobile RAM is almost always very saturated, and it is precisely due to the large number of applications that the system preloads in this memory so that they are ready to be used when we need them. If we click on WhatsApp, surely it will not take a second until we have it open on the screen. This is precisely because it is fully loaded in RAM.

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